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Seriously? All second flash should be this good.

The animation and character design was so well done. The title was witty. It was colored well. Nice job, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you! :)


Though, I must say, my first thought was that everyone but the blue-shirt guy aged.


Art and polish-wise, this is the best entry-level animation I've ever seen here. Well done sir!

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Needs major improvement in most elements.

Clearly just recycled from a tutorial for the program. Graphics are done in MS paint, buttons on main menu are aligned crookedly, and there's no sound effects. Having a copy of The Games Factory does not entitle you to churn out stuff from the tutorials and expect it to be accepted as quality work. You need to go back and look at how you're doing your graphics and gameplay before trying again.

Another Top Notch Installment

I wasn't sure what would distinguish this from More Bloons and such, but the array of new stuff is enough to qualify it as a sequel. It's brilliantly executed and fun to play, while also challenging. Unfortunately, by its very nature, it will always have a weirdly low score because people won't be able to beat it and will rate 0.

Clever concept, brilliant execution

As can be expected, an armorgames sponsored game delivered as it should. Any game that starts with a reference to The Producers can't be that bad!

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

If something has a producer, it means the developer had some extra motivation to develop ;)

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Please, please make prints available

You're a true artist. Your work is so impressive. Your use of color palette design and shading is truly remarkable.

keepwalking responds:

check my deviant art page. all my prints are there :)

These are really cool, would make good stickers

These look really well done. The swatches and stuff are all by you, right? They'd make great stickers.

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